Copying from HTML and pasting into WordPerfect

E. Bryant

I work in higher education and frequently, I need to copy things from the web. When I copy something from the web and paste it into WordPerfect two things do NOT happen. First, if there is a hyperlink in what I am copying, it does not paste into WP. Second, if there is a picture it does not copy either. If I want the picture I have to perform this as an additional copy and paste which takes a lot of extra time. I will say that in WORD it is just one copy and one paste. Thus, I find myself using WordPerfect less and less since I just don't have the time to loose messing with WordPerfect. I really want to use WordPerfect but it is just costing me too much time and frustration. I noted that a new version of WP is available. Since it does not do this, nor does it use unicode, I have no reason to upgrade. If you will add these two functionalities, I will be glad to upgrade, just let me know when.


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Marc-André Roberge

It would be nice if, when pasting from the web into WordPerfect, one did not import lots of superfluous styles consisting of an underscore followed by a number, e.g., _1, _2, etc. This can be avoided by using Paste Special, but it is easy to forget and just do a standard paste.


Dan Felix

Unfortunately, Paste Special fails to work in Lightning.


Marc-André Roberge

I must add the this type of pasting with superfluous styles happens when using Internet Explorer, which Microsoft is now officially retiring, not the other browsers.