New and improved content (templates, macros, images, etc)


We'd like to see WordPerfect shipping with more/newer content including templates, macros, clipart, etc.

Please put your specific idea/requests in the comments as to which and what content you'd like to have.


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I want the latest temples for the MLA, APA and other English language academic templates. The same goes for the French language ones, start with Quebec then expand. Templates for manuscript, short story and magazine submissions in both French and English. Then expand them to other languages as downloadable options
Libreoffice and google suite template conversions. They have a lot of cool templates I'dlove to reuse in WP. So they have to be as seamless as possible. Same goes for the Office ones. Yeah technically much more difficult but still see what can be feasibly done.

Legal templates for Canada. it'd be great for lawyers to be able to create legal documents like writs, briefs etc for the feds and for each province in both language. Basically Word monopolizes everything especially in Quebec and the specialized software only works with Word. WP I think is superior.

Presentation templates for online education. Basically I want you guys to plagiarize Powerpoint, and Google suite templates :) Seriously, I really can't use Presentations to develop slideshows, interactive quizzes etc for my students. I'm stuck using google or powerpoint.

New macros: I'd like to see the ela geminada (the L with the dot in the middle followed by another L in both small and capital letters.) and other diacritical letters used in different languages.
Automation for online publications (i.e. triggers for starting videos, branching true/false questions) Social media publication, etc
And please work with Zotero for the bibliography, footnote/endnote creation macros. I really dislike using Libreoffice . Word is even more annoying.

Clipart: WP needs to be JPG/SVG compatible. In the meantime take a look at Corel's own image library. I don't know if it still had the 1 million clipart library in its archives but if you do, dust them and update the ones that would be whimsical, useful, artistic and professional.


Can you please let us know what pieces of content you'd like in the comments below? Thanks!


Mark Weiland

Quattro Pro Loan Amortization Template: I would like to see an out of the box (OOB) Quattro Pro template to calculate monthly payments and a first-year schedule for a loan. I know there is a OOB bi-weekly mortgage amortization template; however, also include a monthly loan amortization template.

Gemma Cole



Hello Gemma Cole, can you please clarify your comment?



Maybe the new QP Loan Amortization Template could have a drop-down for "Payment Frequency" and have selections such as "Weekly", "Monthly", By-weekly", etc. or simply a number of payments per year....
Anyone as a QPW that addresses this they could share?