STILL does NOT open .DCX

Steven Wolhandler

Still doesn't open .DOCS TOTAL WASTE OF MY MONEY (and time)!!!!!!!!!


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JoAnne Denison

bring it up in google docts and save it again in docx. MS has a lot of programming issues that google doesn't and their docx google format (from my experience) imports seamlessly into WP. I also think they have a feature to save in the old MS .doc format. good luck. I think google also has the ability to save in .rtf you can import into WP. google also has a kick butt save in pdf that you can edit and looks great, then save from there in google .docx. MS stinks. google is great when you have document issues



Hi Steven,
Could you please put a little more context and attach the file in question so we can have a look at it and describe the origin of the file?
e.g. was the file created in MSO 365 online, desktop or a different version? Is it a *.DOC or *.DOCX as it is not clear from your title vs description, etc.